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Yann Tiersen rocks Austin, Texas

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On Friday night, May 18, I got a chance to see one of my favorite French musicians – one of my favorite musicians period – Yann Tiersen. I’ve been a huge fan ever since I saw Amelie and heard his gorgeous soundtrack. Later on I discovered Les Retrouvailles and Rue des Cascades, both wonderful albums. I was surprised at how “rock ‘n’ roll” the concert was. There was a full band featuring Yann on keyboard and synth, two other guys on electronics, a bass player, guitarist and drummer. Yann is a multi-instrumentalist, as are several band members. Yann also played guitar, sang, and absolutely tore it up on violin. The best song by far was Yann’s violin solo on “La Vie Quotidienne” from Rue des Cascades. Here is a good overview of Yann’s career from Austinist magazine. Opening for Yann was a one-man band calling himself Piano Chat. Not much piano involved. He played drums and guitar and used a lot of loops. The highlight of his show came at the end, when got into the audience, placed a small harmonium on the floor and sang into a mic, while the crowd sang a chorus. Check out Yann’s website, where you can hear some of his music, watch some videos, and order a copy of his new album, Skyline.


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Accordionista Dave Thomas – young musician to watch

“A gentleman is a man who can play the accordion – but doesn’t.” When I was a kid I used to think that joke was funny and right on the money. I have since had to revise that opinion many times over. Conjunto, zydeco, French cafe music… So much of my favorite music features the accordion that I have to say it’s one of my favorite instruments. While poking around on Youtube, I found Dave Thomas, a young English guy who makes such beautiful music on the accordion, I had to pass it along. A lot of his videos feature covers of Yann Tiersen (the guy who made the music for the movie Amelie, of which more later, he’s a big favorite), but he also writes his own music. Here he is playing a song he wrote called “The Skeleton’s Waltz.” He wrote it for a fashion show, which in context makes the title wickedly funny. I love the way he’s gone totally indie, using Youtube to market himself. Not much going on in the videos, just Dave and his accordion, and sometimes a piano, but the music really sells itself. I hope he gets the attention he deserves, because I think he’s a real talent.


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