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The dark side of social media: brilliant video for Knife Party’s ‘Internet Friends’

Filmmaker Thomas Kanschat’s new video for Knife Party’s “Internet Friends” takes a clever (and violent) swipe at social media.

I’ve been planning to talk about filmmaker Thomas Kanschat’s videos for quite some time now. Once I found his latest, I can’t wait any more. I was already impressed by his unofficial videos for the Mr. Bungle songs “Pink Cigarette” and “Retrovertigo.” Both were violent and disturbing, yet inspired, creative and full of sick, twisted humor.

Now he comes out with this horrific gem, an unofficial video for “Internet Friends” by Knife Party. I’m not really into dubstep, but this is so brilliant, I can’t resist it. To describe it without giving too much away… It starts out with the story of someone who is the victim of an Internet stalker, but it becomes so much more – a satire about the dark side of social media. (Knife Party loved the video, btw, saying it was much better than the one they commissioned, then rejected.)

I am highly impressed with Kanschat’s filmmaking skills – he reminds me of Chris Cunningham (the guy who did those disturbing videos for Aphex Twin). He is looking for musicians to collaborate with and I think he has the potential to make a hell of a horror movie.

And before you watch it: It’s really violent. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I think I’m almost as impressed with Kanschat’s timing as I am with the video itself. To publish a video ¬†about the rise and fall of Facebook just as the company had its overly-hyped IPO was a stroke of marketing genius. I bet the video goes viral any day now.

I also remain highly impressed with his video for “Pink Cigarette” by Mr. Bungle.

Check out Kanschat’s Vimeo channel. And his Youtube channel. Lots of video creepiness to be seen.

Be sure to follow TKANFILM on Twitter. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

I would love to see him make more videos for some of my favorite bands and I hope he gets some serious filmmaking work.



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