Hello, I’m the “MusicMissionary”

My real name is Charles Wood. I’ve been a community newspaper journalist for many years, but my biggest passion has always been music. I can never get enough of it. It’s like my life has a soundtrack. I can’t exactly remember when I came up with the nickname, “MusicMissionary,” but I have used it in various places on the Internet for several years.

I used to think it was silly, but I now understand it’s really not. I do feel like I’m on a mission. I love music deeply and when I find something wonderful, I can’t help spreading it to others.

That’s what I intend to do here. Check back from time to time and see what music is exciting me at the moment. My taste is EXTREMELY eclectic, so whatever you like, I will probably have something you will enjoy.

I will also use this space to publish interviews and give news and opinion on music and media issues.

Note: As a rule, I like to decide who I write about rather than taking requests, but from time to time I still get them. Rather than just deleting, I’ll let ’em stack up here. There’s a lot on my plate so I might not get around to checking you out, but it could happen, and if not maybe someone else will find you here.


13 responses to “Hello, I’m the “MusicMissionary”

  1. Hey Charles,

    I was doing some shameless self-promotion of a new album Aiode has just released, and am tracking down all those people on thesixtyone.com who showed interest in our stuff (but have long since left since their new layout is so terrible).

    Found your blog and wanted to let you know about the new album in case you’re interested. Have a listen here


    Many thanks for your support and time:)

  2. Jason Diaz Record Release

    Hi Charles,

    My name is Jason Diaz, and I’m an LA-based blues artist who’s been touring the local Hollywood and SoCal venues for the past two years (with an EP, a handful of TV placements, and some west coast tours mixed in there). My first full-length, self-released album Stomp Out the Sun was released last week, and I’d love if you took a few minutes to listen and review the tracks below.

    As a quick intro, here’s what one reviewer wrote after I opened for Nikka Costa at the Roxy earlier this year: “…Watching Jason on stage, I saw bits and pieces of a young Michael Jackson circa 1971, a young Prince circa 1978, and a young Lenny Kravitz… all rolled into a soulful, young package. I could almost taste the different flavors of rock, blues and soul influence in his voice and in the music. I look forward to searching out his album and delving deeper…” – Dr. Funkenberry.Com

    Stomp Out the Sun is made up of original tunes that grew from my soulful roots and life-long rock addiction. Check out the following tracks (click on the link to listen AND to download) and see if they don’t get you humming, stomping, or even hollering along:

    Tracks: http://soundcloud.com/jason-diaz/sets/sots-press/s-tdySo

    Additionally, here is a link to my web site where you can find direct links to everything you could possibly want (and if not, just hit reply and I’ll make sure you get it!) – bio, videos, show dates, some glamour shots of me and my talented band, and much much more.

    Website: http://www.jasondiaz.net

    I’m hitting the road for a tour in November along with a trunk-full of hot-off-the-press CDs. To officially kick things off, I’m playing a record release show with my band at the Bootleg Theater in Silverlake on Oct. 19th. Let me know if you would like to attend and I’ll put you on the guest list. Additionally, if you want a hard copy of the album, just hit me up with your mailing address and I’ll send one your way.

    Thanks for your time and listening energy! Hope you enjoy!

    All the best,

  3. Hi Charles, I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I now have my new album Blue Odyssey on release, and as it features three songs referring to Austin, I wondered if I could send you a copy to review. Drop me a line and let me know. More about the album at http://mooremusic.biz

  4. Sam

    Hey Charles,

    I think this may be the only way I have of contacting you now. Anyway, CD on the way, and I removed your details from the FB page. Hope you’re well, let me know when you get the CD.



  5. Hi Music Mission
    Like you, I’m on a music mission with my own digital creations. But its all new for me and still finding my way around the social network scene. Good to share music ideas.

  6. Hi, Missionary, take a look at http://www.mundofonias.com, our radio show website, world music from the whole world. It is in Spanish and you have the playlists and podcasts at the website.
    Araceli Tzigane

  7. Hi there. Some years back you did a review of The Venopian Solitude. I’d like to mention that in April this year, she became the first-ever recipient of The Wknd Recording Fund: http://the-wknd.com/news/1st-twrf-recipient-identified/

    We’ve finished recording her first single. It will be launched on Friday 7th June 2013. We’ll be announcing the Soundcloud links to her tracks on that day as well.


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