Incan Abraham’s psychedelic world music gives me chills

Songs that make chills run up my spine don’t come along very often. Any band that can make a song like that has my undivided attention. Weeks ago, I heard a song by Incan Abraham called “In Milan” that had that effect on me. And after looking into this band from Los Angeles I found that it was not a fluke.

I like absolutely everything I’ve heard from them. It’s psychedelic pop with a world music influence. I want to say Vampire Weekend on acid or Animal Collective on safari. Hell I don’t know. Just listen to it.

Check out “In Milan” and see what I mean:

Their music is available for free/pay what you want on their Bandcamp page. But you can also order a special hard copy of their latest EP, Ancient Vacation. I did, because I wanted to send a little money their way and have a little collectible. Plus it has an elephant on the cover and I like elephants.

I downloaded everything I could from their Bandcamp page and I enjoy all of it, but Ancient Vacation is the best in my opinion. I like the direction they are headed and think they are going places. I think they would be an awesome pick for next year’s Psych Fest.

Check out Incan Abraham’s website and pay them a visit on Facebook.

I would love to see these guys in Austin one of these days.


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One response to “Incan Abraham’s psychedelic world music gives me chills

  1. rootnotemusic

    Sweet!!! I’ll go check ’em out since I’m in LA!

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