Sarah Sharp tells harrowing tale of Slim Richey’s hit-and-run accident

The other day saw a news story about a hit-and-run on 6th Street that really grabbed my attention. On Feb. 24, Jazz-swing guitarist Slim Richey was struck by an SUV while carrying his wife Francie’s bass to the car after a show with the Jitterbug Vipers. Slim was knocked out and got some serious cuts and contusions, but it looks like he’s going to be all right, thank God. His wife’s bass was smashed.

I interviewed Slim years ago when I was covering SXSW for the Dripping Springs Century-News (He lives in Driftwood which is just down the road from Dripping Springs). He’s a great musician and a hell of a nice guy. I am glad he wasn’t hurt any worse and I am super pissed off at whoever hit him and drove off. If anyone saw anything and can help identify the driver to the police that would be awesome. There are also a number of fundraisers planned to pay for a new bass and help with Slim’s recovery.

Sarah Sharp, a member of the Jitterbug Vipers (and a damn good solo musician in her own right) wrote a detailed story of what went down on 6th Street that night. It’s a good read, if rather harrowing.


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