Wardenclyffe Gallery (Kickstarter project, just 3 days left). Local artists need a place to create.

Austin used to be famous for its musicians and artists. The city has been known for years as the Live Music Capital of the World. It’s getting harder to maintain that reputation for creativity as the city gentrifies. The cost of living is up. It’s also hard for artists to afford a place to create.

I recently got wind of the Wardclyffe Gallery project — something that I hope will give Austin’s creative community a place to create, perform and showcase their work. A group of artistic people (some of whom I met last March at Y.East Fest and the No Strings Attached puppet show at the Salvage Vanguard Theater) are trying to fix up a place they found in East Austin that should meet their creative needs. I think Austin seriously needs something like this.

They have a Kickstarter project under way and are running out of time. They only have 3 days left and are a little more than $1,000 short of their goal of $5,555. If you live in or around Austin and want to help keep it creative and “Weird” consider chipping in. There are a variety of perks for people who pledge.

You can find out more about the Wardclyffe Gallery project here:


Edit: The project got funded. Can’t wait to check the place out!


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