RIP Whitney Houston, respect always

RIP Whitney Houston, who died Feb. 11, 2012, right before the Grammys. She was 49, just two years older than me. Her passing is incredibly sad. Sad because of the amazing music she never got to make because of her drug use, and sad because so many young people only know her as the butt of jokes, a washed up has-been. They don’t remember the time when she dominated the pop charts, when she was a real beauty with a gorgeous voice.

Even if you’re an underground/indie music snob and aren’t into top 40, Whitney deserves some respect. She worked with Bill Laswell when she was still a teenager, recording “Memories” for the Material album One Down.

Most everyone knows Whitney’s cover of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You.” Not as many have heard this, the first song she ever recorded.

She will be missed. In a sense she was already gone for a long time. Here’s hoping she’ll be remembered more for her talent than her addiction.



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2 responses to “RIP Whitney Houston, respect always

  1. Yeah, great post too! Like this song 😉

  2. woodjean

    Thank you for this post. I remember.

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