Just found a great World Music blog

Just stumbled across another great WordPress blog. Or rather, they stumbled across me. I got a “like” from Xandimusic, a 16-year-old music fan who runs xworldmusic, with the help of contributors Mirília, Wendy and Kapitololo. The blog focuses on one of my favorite types of music, the nebulous genre known as “world music.” It features music from all over the world, posting links to Youtube vids, often by suggestion from others. There’s a lot to explore, but I’ve already found some great music.

Check out this video from Wanlov The Kubolor, a half-Romanian, half-Ghanaian musician who performs a mix of Afro-beat, reggae and pidgen music.

And check out xworldmusic. I could spend hours there. Probably will, when I get some more time.



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7 responses to “Just found a great World Music blog

  1. xandi arrived on my blog a few days ago after I posted about the amazing Tinariwen – he’s got a great blog going there!

  2. thanks for writing this! And for sharing on Twitter!! Check out the countries and genres 🙂
    So much thanks and peace! And of course, you could suggest me some music too !

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