The Listening Room is no more – RIP

When you take things for granted they tend to go away when you’re not looking. That has apparently happened to The Listening Room, one of my favorite places to share music (I posted about it a while back).
I got busy for a couple of months, as did some of the friends I used to use the site with. Then last night I got a rude awakening. I went to go fire it up and instead I found a link to a message from the founder, explaining why he had shut the site down effective Dec. 2, 2011. It wasn’t fear of SOPA or Protect IP as I expected (although I wouldn’t be surprised if it had some impact on his decision – I can definitely imagine the RIAA going after sites like his, unfair as it might be).
In a nutshell, he started it as a hobby and it mushroomed beyond what he could handle without seeking investors and hiring employees, something he isn’t prepared to do.

It’s a shame. I thought it had a ton of potential. Maybe someone will take it off his hands and resurrect it? I’m going to miss that feeling of listening to records with friends. I tried once, but it didn’t have that same intimacy. The environment seemed a bit snarky to me. Maybe I should give it another chance.



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2 responses to “The Listening Room is no more – RIP

  1. Sorry to hear this news! It’s very tough me anyone to make this kind of thing work when so many people expect their music for free these days.

    • I’m not sure if that’s what did this site in, but it is a problem. We really need a way to foster music discovery that also encourages an attitude of artist support, where discovering a song doesn’t just make the listener go “Cool, I’ll have to download that,” or “Cool, I’ll stream this again later.” What kills me is we had that with T61. People would get excited about new artists, make friends with them and actually try to help them succeed. Then Sam and James decided this “community” business was just a pain in the rear and jettisoned everyone so they could make an “app.” And now that seems to be going down the tubes as well.

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