‘I’ve met the king and he’s a villain’ – Jessie Grace’s new gothic cabaret single KOV2 out now on Rayrecordings

Jessie Grace

It always lifts my spirits when I find a promising new artist. Check out Jessie Grace, a singer-musician from London I just discovered thanks to Filippo Gaetani of the transatlantic duo SheLoom, who also has a record label called Rayrecordings (Looks like a promising label – I see a lot of my old T61 favorites).

Jessie Grace has released a new single, KOV2 (King of Villains 2). A band version of the previously released “King Of Villains,” it was released by Rayrecordings as a single on Nov. 7, 2011 and is available on iTunes and other digital stores. The track is Produced by Mike Mason, Mixed by Filippo Gaetani. It has a really nice dark cabaret sound, dark yet beautiful.

Jessie is a versatile artist whose interests include Her influences include Radiohead, Raconteurs, Nirvana, Bjork and PJ Harvey. She is known as a folk and blues songwriter, but she started her musical journey as a classically trained pianist, then taught herself to play guitar. Music from Jessie’s debut album Asleep on the Good Foot has been featured on three local BBC Introducing shows, and the opening track appeared on Tom Robinson’s BB6 Introducing show. “Science Tree” was recently licensed to Coca Cola’s new campaign for their Deep River Rock Mineral Water.

Check out her new single:

And check out “Science Tree,” the video that got picked up for a Coca-Cola commercial.


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