Got hosed twice in one day. Entropy sucks :(

Almost hate to post this since my last entry was kind of on the pessimistic side, but dad gum it the machines haven’t been my friends lately. Computer won’t rip or play CDs properly at the moment. My little boom box blew a speaker last night and I’m gonna have to get rid of it.

Then today, the first day of a two-day mini-micro-staycation, I’m on my way to Krause Springs to hang out at the spring-fed pool and get some relief from this heat wave, and I notice smoke coming out the back of my little pickup truck.

I thought, crap, that’s the end of my engine, but no engine lights, no rough running, and the smoke went away. I got to my exit and discovered I had no power steering. Limped to a repair place and got it fixed for more than I wanted to pay, but not as much as I feared. A high-pressure hose had come loose, spraying fluid everywhere. Luckily the pump survived.

Cut to 30 minutes ago. I thought I heard rain outside, which I thought was too good to be true. Texas is in the middle of a horrible drought. Sure enough, no rain. A hose broke loose from the back of my washing machine and flooded the storage room. All fixed now. I think. I guess I’m lucky to have the crap I still have. Lots of people would love to trade places with me I’m sure.

Anyway, here’s hoping the Krause Springs pilgrimage will happen tomorrow. And here’s a great song that I’ve been thinking of for the past several hours for some strange reason:



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2 responses to “Got hosed twice in one day. Entropy sucks :(

  1. I recently had a week almost exactly like what you describe. I would never have thought to turn to The Police in order to infuse myself with optimism, but then again my favorite Police song is “I can’t stand losing you.”

  2. I just found myself humming that song as I was mopping up the water and thought, “Hey, might as well post something about it.” I like “I can’t stand losing you also.” Not many Police songs I don’t like, really.

    And BTW, I did go to Krause Springs and it was awesome. Made me feel like a hot fudge sundae. 🙂

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