Lee County Line – a young country band that’s going places

My latest discovery is a country band by the name of Lee County Line, now based in Cedar Park, but originally from Lexington, Texas (a place with just over 1,000 people that’s famous for Snow’s BBQ). I heard them on Saturday at the Watermelon Festival in McDade (even smaller than Lexington, but they put on a pretty good shindig.)

A festival is different if you work for a small town newspaper. It’s not just leisure like it is for everyone else. It’s fun, but there’s a job to be done. Even when you’re not working, there’s that thought in the back of your mind, “I can’t keep sitting here forever BS’ing with these folks, eating barbecue, etc. I haven’t taken enough pics yet. Maybe I’ll get some good shots if I go over there?”  But to get through the day you still have to have an attitude like, “I’m going to enjoy this day. Some of this is for my job and some of it is for me.”

One of those parts at any festival that’s always “for me” is the music, especially if it’s good music. Yesterday, as I covered the McDade Watermelon Festival, I was surprised once again by the musical talent to be found out in the rural towns of Texas. As I snapped pictures of cute little kids eating watermelon and competing in the seed spitting contest, it slowly sunk in: The band playing in the pavilion nearby was very very good. Especially surprising given how young all the members are.

They were singing good solid country music. Some of the songs were original. Some were covers. They did a good version of Steve Earle’s “Copperhead Road” and Steve Miller’s “The Joker,” but it was the originals that impressed me most. “Take My Hand” really stood out for me. They have that knack for the turn of a phrase that the best country songs have. The singer has a good strong voice and the guitarist has some mean licks. I think these guys are going places.

Find out more about Lee County Line on their website. Give them a listen and keep track of their concert schedule at their Reverbnation page. And check out their Facebook page.


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