Doleful Lions new album update: no more Parasol deal, digital release soon on Jesus Warhol, CD version tba

Last week I interviewed Jonathan Scott of the horror-infused lush pop group The Doleful Lions once again about his upcoming album, Let’s Break Bobby Beausoleil Out of Prison. His plans have changed since the last time I interviewed him in March. At that time, he said the album was nearly finished and would soon be released on the Urbana, Illinois label Parasol Records.

Well… There’s been a change of plans. He just finished the album, but it won’t be coming out on Parasol. He and Parasol had a bit of a falling out, to put it mildly (there is talk of legal action and Jonathan’s brother Robert quit the band out of disappointment with the label) and it will now be released in digital format on the Jesus Warhol label. He still has the option to release a CD on another label and has been shopping it around. He’s got yet another album almost in the can.

Jonathan believes Let’s Break Bobby Beausoleil Out of Prison is the best album of his career. I’ve heard it and I agree it is very very good.

The digital album will be available soon on JWR. I’ll post another update when it’s up.

Since mylast post about the Doleful Lions has been among my most popular ā€“ people keep clicking, probably to find out when the album will be out ā€“ I figure I owe people an update. And if you haven’t read that post yet, check it out. Jonathan gave me a hell of an interview.

MusicMissionary: So how do people get the digital album?

Jonathan Scott: They can go to and it will be avaliable there really soon, Colin [Colin Lipe, who runs the label] wants to have a try at mastering it and we need to finalize the cover and stuff but it should be up in the next couple of weeks.

MM: Can you tell me about what happened with Parasol in the first place? When we left off it was good to go. You were just waiting to hear back.

JS: Oh yeah that blew up in a big way, I talked to them in january and kind of had it out with them, I just voiced my concerns with them and the guy I was talking to said and I quote, “you are being a cry baby bitch.” Also when I called there the guy that answered didn’t even know who the Doleful Lions were. Mind you I have put out 7 albums with them and been with them for 15 years.ā€

So I thought we left it good after the argument and we agreed that we would talk and keep in contact, so I e-mail them a couple of weeks later and nothing. Then more time passed and I was getting pissed that they weren’t talking to me. You have to understand about 8 years ago the guy that worked there at the time told me in your next bank statement you will be in the black and we will owe you some money, because of the iTunes and e-music sales, so 8 fucking years go by and no statement no contact practically. So when I started asking some questions, not even “Pay me!” or anything just asking if they were interested in putting out this record, I heard nothing.

On top of the fact that they had not sent me a bank statement in 8 years. I don’t even know how many records we have sold with them, really. I have no clue. So when I didnt hear back from them, I got mad and a little drunk one night and left some pretty angry messages on their Facebook wall. So then they blocked me from their Facebook and never talked to me again, until finally a guy that used to work there was trying to broker something between us. But Parasol basically told me in their last e-mail: you better get a lawyer.

MM: Have they had a personnel change?
JS: Yes massive personnel changes, the people I used to talk to there who I had a good relationship with left.

MM: So where are you now with the album and with the Doleful Lions? I assume you’re not giving up? You don’t seem like the type.
JS: No way haha. I will never give up, I mean I understand why my brother quit it is hard, it is hard to not really have good things happen when you work hard on a record for a year, but what else am I gonna do? I have been doing this for 15 years I already have the next record written I am not gonna let those people at Parasol make me quit, I am gonna get the rights back to my music from them and carry on. I am not stopping, I will probably be 65 and putting out the 20th Doleful Lions record on some unknown format not yet invented.As long as I can write music I will continue making music. I love it too much.

MM: Sounds like a good way to take it.
JS: Even with all this bad stuff, my favorite thing in the whole entire world is sitting down at my 4 track and coming up with stuff and listening back to it and thinking wow that is pretty all right, I still get freaked out when I come up with stuff. I wonder where it comes from. I still feel like that 5 year old kid listening to Kiss 45″ wishing I was Ace Frehley you know?


Update to the update: Jesus Warhol deal is also off. Jonathan just posted the album himself on Bandcamp. You can get the album here.


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