Iranian singer Maral Afsharian (formerly of the Plastic Wave) gets write-up in Rolling Stone

Just found out someone I respect a lot is getting some respect from the mainstream music press. Rolling Stone published a great article about Iranian singer Maral Afsharian, former lead singer of the electronic rock group The Plastic Wave. She and her former bandmates are true rock ‘n’ roll rebels, by the way. They got arrested and jailed in 2007 for playing at an outdoor concert in Iran (female lead vocalists are a big no no in that country).

Former Plastic Wave alumni Saeid Nadjafi (aka Natch) and Shayan Amini are currently touring the U.S. in their group called The Casualty Process.

Check out Maral on the Plastic Wave’s “My Clothes on Other Bodies.”

And Maral’s page on Reverbnation.

You might also enjoy reading my article on The Plastic Wave, posted back in December 2010.


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