Most awesome, most tinnitus-inducing song I ever heard

When my friend played this song at my request, his then-wife went running into the room, thinking he had done something horribly wrong and the computer was ripping itself and the house around it into pieces. That’s sort of what this song sounds like to me too. I love it. I found it on MySpace a couple of years ago and was utterly captivated by the way it deliberately sounds as awful as possible, yet totally works. It makes me think of the sounds my ears make when I’m at a really loud concert and forget to put my earplugs in. Like they took that squelchy sound out of my head and made a song out of it. Talk about abrasive. It makes me smile that they would even think of doing this, much less put it out on an album. As punk as it gets.


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Filed under experimental, indie, punk

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