Coming soon: country blues, gospel music feature and an ‘angelic’ interview

Not necessarily in that order… Lots of good stuff coming up. It’s going to take me a while to digest it and put it together.

Just got through interviewing Monte Thomas of the Elgin, Texas gospel group the Thomas Family, I love the music I’ve heard from them so far. I’m working on a story for the local paper and I’ll blog them and put up some downloadable mp3s (with permission).

Tonight, I’m going to see a group called The Chubby Knuckle Choir, a group that has members from Elgin and Bastrop. I’ll be writing them up for the paper and this blog in the near future. I’ve heard a little of their music before, and I can’t describe it easily. Kind of a rootsy mixture of blues and country and maybe a bit of funk?

Then Sunday morning, I’m going to the Mt. Vernon-Zion AME Church to take a picture of the Thomas Family performing. That ought to be quite a segue from Saturday night.

I’ve also been editing an interview with Joanne Gabriel aka Caterwauler, one of my favorites from the old days at T61.


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