One-woman band Fielded brings haunted gospel music to Austin


I had another adventure in east Austin last week (translation: got lost and used up a half a tank of gas), but all was well in the end, as I discovered another talented musician: Fielded (Lindsay Powell). The Chicago-based singer was part of a concert last Thursday in a little music store called Trailer Space Records. There were a number of local artists performing as well, but I had to leave early and only caught one — the electro-psyche-goth performer known as How I Quit Crack (Ernestina Forbis).

Fielded put on a hell of a show. A one-woman band, she uses looping to create harmonies and rhythms using her voice. Kind of a gothic vibe to her music, though interestingly enough she actually performs gospel music of a sort. One of her songs made me think of a Gregorian chant. Kind of makes me think of Woven Hand in that respect. Here’s a video for one of the songs I particularly enjoyed.

You can purchase her 12″ Terrageist and her CD EP The Lord Reigns at and buy some of her songs on iTunes. Also check out Fielded’s Tumblr page and Facebook page.


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