May: good movie, GREAT soundtrack by multi-talented musician/artist Jammes Luckett

As much as I enjoy a good horror movie, I don’t watch many of them, because frankly most of them suck. That makes it really special when I find one that doesn’t.

A few years ago my brother turned me onto a quirky, low budget horror movie called May starring Angela Bettis, which came out in 2002. I got two shocks: 1) the movie was very good, and 2) the soundtrack was amazing.

May, the movie
The movie, in case you haven’t seen it, is about a strange, strange young woman named May who has such a hard time connecting with people that she ends up killing a bunch of them. And she does something creative and horrible with them at the end. It’s awful, but it’s also full of black humor. You sympathize with May and her struggle to fit in. She’s just SO weird, you can’t help but be amused — her best friend is a doll encased in glass that she believes is talking to her.

And it’s amusing to see the people she tries to make friends with try to show how weird and individualistic they are, when in truth they are trendy and shallow and have no idea what a TRULY weird character May is. I kept thinking, “You poser, you have no idea what you’re messing with.” You can easily find out what she does in the end with a few searches, but don’t spoil things for yourself. Watch the movie. If you can’t find a place to rent it you can buy it pretty cheap on Amazon.

May, the soundtrack
In addition to an entertaining story and good acting from Angela Bettis, Jeremy Sisto and others, May has something else unusual — a very impressive indie rock soundtrack. When I watched it I kept thinking, “I want to hear the entire song. I must have this.” When I first I checked into it, the soundtrack wasn’t available. I found out the songwriter and performer was a woman named Jammes Luckett, aka Jaye Barnes Luckett. I also found out I wasn’t alone. There were a lot of people online talking about that soundtrack and begging.

I kind of forgot about it over the years, but for some reason I thought of it recently and got an impulse to look for it again. And found it! I got it in the mail a few weeks ago and it spent a very long time in my CD player. Not only does the CD contain songs from May, it has numerous other works Luckett produced for films — some released, some not.

The styles range from postpunk-influenced indie rock that Siouxsie Sue would be proud of, to classical instrumental music.

I did a little more digging and found some background on Luckett. She has also performed as Poperratic and Alien Tempo Experiment 13, and she does graphic design and other visual work. She’s working on her website at the moment, so who knows how awesome it might be later, but it already contains quite a few videos showcasing her musical and graphic work. Music ranges from indie rock, to classical to urban.

I got the soundtrack at La La Land Records, a label that specializes in soundtracks. It’s a 1,000-copy limited edition, but it only costs $5.98. Worth every penny. I would order one before they run out.

Here’s my favorite song from the May soundtrack, performed under the pseudonym Alien Tempo Experiment 13:

And here is Luckett’s website, where you can check out her music and visual art.



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5 responses to “May: good movie, GREAT soundtrack by multi-talented musician/artist Jammes Luckett

  1. Interesting, I’d seen the movie poster for this somewhere and remember the strange looking girl. The film premise sounds interesting and I thought the 2nd song you included was quite cool.

  2. Kristin

    Hearing The Breeders and The Kelley Deal 6000 during the movie was awesome too.

    May made me fall in love with Jeremy Sisto so hard.

    • That’s right. I knew I was missing some songs… Wonder how I can get hold of those? Do you happen to know the names of the songs or if they were released? I don’t think they’re on the May soundtrack.

  3. Mariah

    I have been trying to find the song that was played in the coffee shop for 3 years! I have not been able to find it, could you/ do you have the name of that song? Plus, the 2 videos did not work 😦

    Thank you

    • Glad I could help you with that. Yeah, Youtube videos come and go. It’s annoying. Let me see if I can find alternate vids.

      Edit: I couldn’t find the other song on Youtube any more so I just left the first one, which is my favorite song any way. BTW, the soundtrack is worth getting because it also has soundtracks from other movies and some of the music is very good.

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