Get ready for work on time playlist #1

I have never been what you call a “morning person.” I can get up early if I absolutely have to, but on most mornings, I hit the snooze a few times, stumble out of bed all bleary-eyed, try to get to the bathroom without stubbing my toe, and get cleaned up and dressed and breakfasted in a haphazard manner whilst piddling in various ways, till suddenly I notice I’m gonna be late if I don’t hurry. Then rush off in a pissed off mood that gets pissier still when I get into the morning traffic. Too early to say for sure, but that habit might be a thing of the past.

Recently I came across a list of “life hacks” with some good common sense advice to make life easier. One hack is to make a playlist that lasts as long as it takes to get up in the morning, with songs that get faster as you go along. I finally got around to making a playlist like that and I’ll be damned if it’s not working.

Here’s my playlist, which is just about an hour long. Starts off with ambient, has various types of soul and indie rock and finishes with good old-fashioned hard rock. When I hear AC/DC, I know my ass needs to be headed out the door.

Voice of Eye – Transcendence
Lacrymosa – I Was Once (Oh)
Jon Bryant – The Hallelujah
Brothers Johnson – I’ll Be Good To You
Laudanum Forest – Snail
Lee Fields & the Expressions – Last Ride
Legendary Pink Dots – Zoo
I Fight Dragons – Don’t You?
Wire – I Am the Fly
Humble Souls – Tomorrow’s People
ZZ Top – Heard It On the X
AC/DC – Problem Child

So far it’s gotten me out of the apartment on time and in a decent mood. I’ll make another one when I get tired of it and I’ll post new playlists from time to time. I’d love to see other morning playlists as well.


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