Twisted South Radio interviews Christina of Asylum Street Spankers

I meant to do this earlier… Christina Marrs of the Asylum Street Spankers gave an interview on Twisted South Radio last month. I think she did a good job explaining what the band has been going through and some of the pressures that led them to split up.

Here are a few excerpts:

“The economy’s been rough on the touring band in general. this band’s been together for 16 years. we always made a living. It’s gotten to the point where we’re really not making a living anymore. I guess I would probably rather just spend more time with my family if I’m not going to make a living, you know what I mean?”

“People have a limited amount of discretionary income right now. People who would come out and see us everytime we played… are now going you know what? I’m kinda broke right now… I’ve seen them six times already…. Maybe I’ll just wait till they come back next year.

“The cost of being on the road has gotten astronomical in the last few years. The price of gas, the price of hotels… All that stuff keeps going up while your income just sorta flattens.

“And the industry-wide trend where people aren’t buying CDs anymore, they’re downloading everything. The CD is the touring musician’s bread and butter. It supplements what you pay at the door to go see a band. The cover charge just doesnt’ cover everything. We’re usually dipping into our cd sales to cover the rest of it.. We’ve seen a dramatic drop in people buying CDs. That hasn’t helped.”

Listen to the whole interview. Interesting stuff. She’s very well-spoken.

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