Word from Wammo, aka ‘Road Dog’

Well, Wammo sent out an e-mail, letting us know the score about his decision to leave the Spankers. I guess I must’ve signed up for updates on his old website (his new one is wammobaby.com). It came down to him having a new baby and “irreconcilable differences” with the band. Also, Christina said in a recent interview that the band was exhausted from the road and  still wasn’t making money. I’m sure that was part of it as well. Wammo is going to go solo under the moniker “Road Dog” and will be promoting his paintings. Below is the e-mail blast message I got this morning. Read for yourself:

I’ve gotten a lot of enjoyment from the Spankers over the years and Wammo was a big part of that. I wish him and all the other Spankers success in whatever they do next. Hope they find a way to squeeze some money out of this terrible economy.

Also for Spanker fans, you might be interested in reading my last article saying goodbye to the band, and my first post about the Spankers before everything went south.


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