True Colour of Blood – soothing dark ambient

A while back I got a note from Eric Kesner of True Colour Of Blood, who wanted me to check out a 15-year retrospective of his work. I don’t normally do unsolicited stuff, but I finally got around to downloading the album and it’s good drone ambient, kind of in the same vein as Voice of Eye, a group I blogged about back in February. Also reminds me of some of the more understated works by artists like Caul and Ure Thrall.

He produces his droning ambient using a guitar and bow. Darkly atmospheric, it has a nice texture if you want to listen to it and chill out, but it also works well as background if you’re trying to get things done. Download his album from Rapidshare if you get the chance. Why not? It’s free….

Here’s a link to his MySpace page if you want to stream a bit first and see what you think.

And a cool video someone made for one of his songs:


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