Apparently ‘star’ bands must ‘riot’

I just realized that two of my favorite songs have close to the same name and are performed by groups with VERY similar names. The most recent one is “Take me to the Riot” by Stars, a group from Canada that contains members of Broken Social Scene. It comes from the 2007 album, In Our Bedroom After the War. Great song with a great video.

The other song is “It’s a Riot” by the New Jersey-based ’70s early metal group Starz (with a z). The song comes from the 1978 album, Coliseum Rock. The instrumental track, “Coliseum Rock” is basically an intro to “It’s a Riot,” which starts at 3.33. A friend once told me the motorcycle engine sound at the beginning is a Motoguzzi rather than a Harley, but I can’t vouch for that.

Kind of an ’80s New Wave sound…

Starz influenced a lot of metal groups, but I can’t hear that influence in the indie rock band Stars. I think it’s just a really cool coincidence.



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2 responses to “Apparently ‘star’ bands must ‘riot’

  1. I have the first two Starz albums. I remember buying the single “Rock Six times” back in the 70’s in the UK and wondered why they never took off. Were they very big in the States?

  2. Not very big, but I would say influential. They had a pretty big cult following among hard rock fans.

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