Cheap Trick – “Elo Kiddies”

Had an interesting experience yesterday, going through some mp3s. I heard a killer a song by one of my favorite classic rock bands and couldn’t figure out who it was at first. I loved Cheap Trick when I was a kid. I played my Dream Police 8 track till I just about wore it out and did the same with a cassette of greatest hits later on. They seemed like a twisted version of the Beatles. Rick Nielson just looked so demented with his bowtie and baseball cap. They rocked hard, but with a great sense of melody. They also had just a smidge of punk and new wave about them. “Elo Kiddies” from their debut album (never got that one but it looks like I need to remedy that) demonstrates that pretty well. At first I thought of Adam Ant. Love that drum cadence.


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  1. I think that’s the best description of Cheap Trick I’ve heard – ‘demented beatles’ – Spot on!

    My mate, Saxon guitarist Graham Oliver, knows Rick Neilsen, and always rated him very highly. They’re a great rock band with a fantastic melodic sensibility – all too rare.

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