Farewell to the Asylum Street Spankers – spanks for the memories

Wow, this really makes me sad. I just went on Facebook and saw an announcement that my favorite Austin band is retiring. The Asylum Street Spankers are like nothing you’ve ever heard – retro style, rockin’ sensibility, superb musicianship and funny as hell. There will never be another band like them. I don’t know what brought this about. Could be the bad economy is getting to them. Also, Christina and Wammo both have small children. If it’s what they need to do, then I wish them well. Musicians aren’t actually obligated to wreck themselves for our entertainment. They’re giving a farewell tour and if you get the opportunity to catch one of their final shows I would advise you to take it. Their schedule can be found here.

If you need any more convincing, read my recent post about the band: Asylum Street Spankers’ vintage sound captures Austin’s spirit That post also includes some great Youtube links that will give you an idea what Spankers shows are like, and a link to their Bandcamp site where you can stream Spankers songs or order mp3s or CDs.

Also, check out their albums on Bandcamp.

P.S. I’ve been asked why Wammo is not being listed on the ASS Facebook page. I also noticed a lot of the people who surfed into this blog lately entered search terms like “Is Wammo on Farewell Tour.” I don’t know the answer to that and would like to. If anyone has seen a show on this tour I’d like to know if Wammo was there. I’d also like to know why the band is retiring. I imagine it has to do with Wammo and Christina each having new babies. Maybe they’re all tired of touring and want to devote more time to their families. I can respect that. I just wish the band would let us know what’s up. In any case, I would still recommend catching one of the farewell shows if possible. If Wammo’s not on the tour it would definitely be a disappointment, but I did see one Spankers show when Wammo was out with the flu and it was still awesome. Speaking of which… It has occurred to me that Wammo could be ill. I’d at least like to know that he’s all right. If anyone knows anything, please let me know.

PPS. Saw a comment on the ASS Facebook site stating that Wammo was leaving for family reasons. Probably about what I figured. His wife just had a new baby and probably asked him to stick around and stay off the road. Fair enough I reckon. I will miss him though.

Update: Wammo sent out an e-mail announcing his plans and telling his reasons for quitting the Spankers. I reposted it here: Word from Wammo aka ‘Road Dog’



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4 responses to “Farewell to the Asylum Street Spankers – spanks for the memories

  1. Susan

    I LOVE the Spankers and was so bummed to read that same announcement on their Facebook page! I’m going to see them this week on their Farewell Tour, it’ll be awesome to see them again but so bittersweet. I agree, there is no other band like them! I noticed that Wammo is no longer listed as part of the band on their Facebook page. Several people have left comments asking if he’s going to be on this last tour — I certainly hope so because it just wouldn’t be the same without him. But whoever is running the Facebook account is not responding to the questions about Wammo, so if he isn’t on the tour then it feels a bit misleading because that’s going to seriously disappoint a LOT of fans and they should be upfront about it. When Christina wasn’t on the Sausage Fest tour (she had just had a baby) they let everyone know. So what’s up with Wammo missing from the band members? Anyone have info about what’s going on?

  2. Spankerfan

    Wammo is no longer with the band. I saw them in San Francisco this weekend and he wasn’t there 😦 The show was still great and well worth the money. Here’s some more info:

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