Music biz not an easy road to bling – at least not bling you get to keep

This is a pretty revealing piece about how much musicians actually make: The Music Industry’s Funny Money

If you think being in a band will get you rich, you don’t know the whole story. If the labels and management are going to take such a big cut, artists might as well go indie. – especially in an industry that’s contracting the way the music business is.


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  1. As a professional muso for the last 32 years, I can testify to that!

    I made more money from a CD released on my own label (tied in to a UK football team) than anything I did that ever came out on a ‘regular’ label. All production costs were my own, but so was the profit. I remember being offered a deal by EMI publishing back in 1981, where they wanted me to sign away my rights not just for life, but so far into the future that even my children’s children wouldnt have reaped the benefit. The sad fact was, my lawyer ( – a good one who’d represented the likes of ELO) said if we could change a couple of points it would still have been worth signing just to get the old ‘foot in the door’. The advent of the net and file sharing isn’t perhaps as bad as it seems. there now exists the chance for bands to operate as cottage industries. Marillion are a good example, probably making more real money now than when they were higher profile.

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