Sa!nt – unique freak of an indie artist

Check this guy out. I discovered him on TheSixtyOne, not long before they did the redesign that caused me to bail out of the place. One of my first reactions to his music was the thought: Wow, this guy is a true freak. And I mean that in the best way. Someone who does things his own way and doesn’t care what people think. Out of the mainstream and proud of it. Interesting that he has a song called “Sideshow Freaks.” On the other hand, I think he’s what the mainstream should sound like – a mix of all those things that have bubbled their way into our pop culture – pop, rock, sampling. It’s the kind of music that ought to be coming out of our radios, but sadly isn’t.

His real name is Sean Brown of Palm Springs, California and he’s doing his best to get his music out there. Listen to his stuff on ReverbNation and MySpace and check out his videos on Youtube. I think he deserves to be a huge success. If you agree, maybe we can help make it happen. Below are three examples of his work – a folk song, a sample-heavy track featuring techno artist Ronald Jenkees, and a mash-up of Bjork and Lil Wayne.



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2 responses to “Sa!nt – unique freak of an indie artist

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  2. woodjean

    I agree. This guy has what it takes. And I don’t think all music has to classified! Who listens to the radio any more?

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