Songs for the Fourth

Happy Independence day folks! I love the holiday and I’m a patriotic kind of guy. I love watching those little parades made up of  kids on tricycles and in wagons, decorated in red white and blue and I always salute the color guard. Gets me all misty-eyed, but lets face it, the Fourth of July is not a very good day for art. Nobody can sing the Star-Spangled Banner on key, especially when you get to “and the rocket’s red glare,” and all those US flag decorations are kitchy at best. So what to post?

There’s no point posting Jimi Hendrix’s version of the National Anthem from Woodstock. I know you’ve heard that before. And I’m definitely not going to post Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.” Blech. What I’ll do instead is put up a few vids of American-themed songs, whether they’re patriotic or not. America stirs strong emotions all over the world, both friendly and otherwise. That ought to make us feel proud. At least folks are thinking about us.

I also asked folks from Rate Your Music forum to come up with some USA songs and they’ve already come up with a ton of great suggestions. Check that thread out here.

What are some other good songs for Independence Day?


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  1. How about Glenn Hughes version of “America the Beautiful”?

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