Austin’s Zach Anner seeks his own TV show

This is totally not about music at all, but I couldn’t resist. I figured I’d have to do this occasionally, which is why I made a “but I digress” category.

I just discovered a really funny guy named Zach Anner who’s in a contest, trying to get his own TV show courtesy of Oprah. He’s got cerebral palsy (the sexiest of palsies, he says) and wants to do a travel show. And by the way, he’s from Austin, which in no way influences my opinion of him (yeah right). His audition video recently went viral and had over 3 million votes last time I checked.  John Mayer has offered to write and perform the theme song if Zach gets a show. (See, there’s my music tie-in. Now I don’t want to hear any bitching.) If Zach gets the most votes, he will then go to LA for an in person audition along with some other candidates. I think this man needs his own show, whether it comes through Oprah or not, and I bet you anything he’s gonna get one.

Check out his audition video:

Give him a vote on Oprah’s site if you feel so inclined…

And while I was poking around on Youtube, I found out Zach has a ton of videos up. He had a show while he was a student at UT, where he interviewed such notables as Dennis Quaid and Bill Clinton. He’s also got a Youtube series going with friends, called The Wingmen.

The videos I’ve seen so far were quite funny. He really has a talent.

Here are a couple I really liked:


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One response to “Austin’s Zach Anner seeks his own TV show

  1. woodjean

    I think this is very very funny. (Reasons you know). I’d love to see a show staring this guy. The bathroom scene and the scene trying to find an entrance were both too funny but also right on!

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