Latest musical addiction – Fela Kuti

Just snapped to the fact that I had several good posts on Live Journal from 2008 before I quit using it for some reason. I think it might have been before you could embed media (I just remedied that and added three kickass Fela vids from Youtube). Anyway, I decided to take advantage of the share function and send some of those posts over here.  In March 2008 I was going through a bit of a Fela Kuti obsession and what a coinkydink. I’ve been doing that lately as well. Happens a lot really. Check out my LJ post. I’ll send a few others this way as well. I think I’m going to stick with WordPress as my primary blogging site, however.

Latest musical addiction – Fela Kuti


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  1. Just having a link isn’t really satisfying is it? I think I might copy the whole article over and update it. Stay tuned.

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