Vampire Weekend’s Contra – does it remind you of anything?

I have really been enjoying Vampire Weekend’s Contra over the last couple of weeks. It has tons of energy, great tunes and a wonderful Afrocentric sound. Songs that jumped out at me right away were “White Sky” and “Cousins,” the songs that convinced me to take that trip to Waterloo Records. The other songs are also enjoyable and growing on me. I also had an interesting thought. It really really reminds me of Paul Simon’s Graceland album. I know I’m not the first to recognize that. Compare the two videos below and see if you don’t agree.



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4 responses to “Vampire Weekend’s Contra – does it remind you of anything?

  1. The well of world music from which both Vampire weekend and Mr Simon draw their inspiration is one and the same. I can hear King Sunny Ade and Fela Kuti in both of them.

    For me the most inventive use of African influences come from British band XTC. This was from around 1980:

  2. Thanks. I’m a big XTC fan, but I hadn’t heard that before.

  3. I have to confess to being a bit of a completist where XTC are concerned! 🙂

    Our drummer Pete Phipps is the drummer on two of their albums, “The Big Express” and “Mummer”

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