House of Love – one you might’ve missed

Just thought I would pass along a few of videos by a British band I really like, House of Love, featuring singer Guy Chadwick and guitarist Terry Bickers. Bickers had his own band for a while called Levitation that did some really impressive stuff – more on that later. I think they’ve broken up, reformed, broken up again, etc., but their heyday was late ’80s through early ’90s.

I like everything I’ve heard from House of Love, but in particular I would recommend getting hold of Babe Rainbow, Spy in the House of Love  and their self-titled album without the butterfly on it (featuring “Christine”). The Butterfly one is good too, just not as good.

Here are a couple of my favorites. I really love their sound. They remind me a bit of the Stone Roses and the Charlatans. This kind of music is right in my sweet spot, the stuff I always come back to and never get tired of.


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One response to “House of Love – one you might’ve missed

  1. ceed

    Ooooh, me likey! 🙂

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