Jango – my Internet radio till further notice

I might have found the Internet radio to carry me through the busy times ahead at work: Jango. I’m still giving it a test run, but at this point, I am extremely happy with it. Almost as happy as I was with Pandora before they pissed me off. Just made two stations that compared very well with a couple I made in Pandora: Dark Electric Dreams (featuring artists like Legendary Pink Dots, Coil, Severed Heads and Gary Numan) and Smooth Soul (featuring a lot of Philly Soul by the likes of The Dramatics, The Spinners, Blue Magic and the Delfonics.)

I have a feeling their algorithms aren’t as sophisticated as the one Pandora uses. No mention of anything like a “Music Genome Project” and when you rate a song – don’t like, like or love – it tells you whether it will play that song again, not whether it will play songs “with similar qualities.” Also, you can share via e-mail and by posting a link to the station, but you can’t embed on Facebook or Twitter. Still, I’m getting the mixes I want so far, and they have artists like the Legendary Pink Dots and Paul Schütze, so there’s a decent selection.

They don’t have Flaco Jimenez or Texas Tornados, which is a WTF, but they have Fela Kuti. Pandora didn’t have him, which was a bigger WTF.

No mention yet of any “free music limit,” but then again, it’s still early. Right now I’m happy. Will I stay happy? Will this radio make a devil’s bargain to stay in business? Can any online radio stay in business without one? Time will tell.

Here’s a link to my Dark Electric Dreams station, and one for Smooth Soul. Give ’em a whirl and see what you think.



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4 responses to “Jango – my Internet radio till further notice

  1. Darn. No Chameleons… Luckily I have almost all their albums already.

  2. ceed

    Yikes. This one does not work for me. Had it running all day yesterday, but had to endure some music I deliberately have worked on forgetting. I like the interface a lot, but the algorithms here doesn’t fit me for some reason. You get what you pay for it seems, at least I do! 🙂

    • Did you spend any time messing with it though? You know you have to tweak Pandora for a while to get the right mix sometimes. So far, the few stations I’ve done have given me an okay mix, but I haven’t given it a real acid test yet.

  3. They have Chameleons now. Bravo! Now if they could add Comsat Angels…

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