TheSixtyOne seeks programmer to crack voting rings

This article on ReadWriteWeb is interesting: This Game Is Fixed! Democratized Content v. Voting Rings Some of you disgruntled former and current T61’ers might want to read it. TheSixtyOne is trying to hire a programmer who can stop voting rings consisting of sockpuppets and/or bots that automatically vote up certain content for an unfair advantage. To be honest, if we were still in the pre-Jan. 20 world, I probably would be excited by this story. I do think there was a certain amount of that going on. I’m not going to name names, but there were certain bad artists whose performance in the charts made no sense to me. However… I think it was less of a problem than James and Sam thought it was. Most of the charted music was still excellent. I also think some people did things innocently that got misidentified as vote-rigging. Furthermore, it’s now pretty much irrelevant, isn’t it? With what they’ve done to the site, taking away the user’s ability to choose songs to play, and cutting out all the listener/artist interaction we used to have, there’s not much of a game left to cheat. If you did cheat and got in the charts right now, not too many people would even notice, as it’s quite dead at the moment. Maybe they’re planning to go back to the way it was, but who would trust them? Not me.



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3 responses to “TheSixtyOne seeks programmer to crack voting rings

  1. ceed

    Personally I do not understand why it’s such a big deal, but it shows that the T61 management wants to control the playing field, like it or not, but mostly not.

  2. Well… If you do decide to play a game, you want it to be fair. I suspected this and it did make me mad – it sucks when other people cheat. But the way they dealt with it was so heavy-handed it’s like trying to cure a disease by killing the patient. When you kill the patient, the germs will die, sure enough, but then the patient is dead.

  3. woodjean

    I went over to “that site” last night and it’s still a mess. It gave me a message saying that someone had subed to my page and that I could comment to her…. Well, I wrote a comment but don’t know where it went because I couldn’t see it or anything from the other person.

    I agree that cheating should be stopped but think they have bigger problems than that. It makes me sad to see what they’ve done!!!!!

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