A small snowman for mankind, but a bitchin’ snowman for a Texan

Okay, I have to digress from the music business for a little bit after today. It snowed like crazy, big ol’ flakes, piled up on the ground enough for snowmen, snowball fights and other wintery shenanigans. Haven’t seen snow this heavy in Texas since 1984. I know it’s no big deal for a lot of people – my brother who lives in Wisconsin is sick and tired of the stuff by now. But it’s a pretty rare thing around here. In Texas, kids will play in sleet, for God’s sake. Work today was torture. We were like, damn, hurry up and get done, the snow’s gonna melt before we can play in it. I felt like Bart Simpson when he had to study while all the other kids had a snow day. And when I got home, I made a snowman, mostly out of the snow I scraped up from the back of my pickup truck. Not much of a snowman by most people’s standards, but not bad for me.

Impressive eh?

Here are some kids playing in my apartment  complex:

And since this is a music blog… Here’s a song called “Blue Snow,” by Peter Doran. Pretty good song too.


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