Latest CDs – Phoenix and Mahala Rai Banda

I mentioned going on a CD run and never got around to saying what I got. I picked up two CDs, one by the French indie rock band Phoenix, the other by Balkan Gypsy brass band Mahala Rai Banda. I am more than happy with both.

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

I pride myself on being able to spot talent early. I knew the Decemberists were gonna be a big deal before you did 😉 But sometimes I can still be late to the party. I finally got around to buying Amadeus Mozart Phoenix, something I’ve been intending to do for months, since I first heard “Lisztomania” and “1901.” They already gave it a Grammy for Christ’s sake. I’m definitely slipping. Played through it in the record store this afternoon and found it irresistible. Played it again after I got home and ripped it to the laptop and my opinion hasn’t changed. Hell of an album.

Ghetto Blasters

I was excited to see Mahala Rai Banda had another album out. I’ve been crazy about their self-titled debut for a couple of years. I got into Balkan Gypsy music thanks to a list of recommendations by Eugene Hütz of the amazing Gypsy Punk band Gogol Bordelllo, and I can’t seem to get enough. The Romanian band Mahala Rai Banda has it all – horns, cymbalom, accordion, singers. They play with such passion and virtuosity, it rocks harder than any actual rock ‘n’ roll I’ve heard.

This is from the first album, but it’ll give you an idea what they’re like:



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2 responses to “Latest CDs – Phoenix and Mahala Rai Banda

  1. ceed

    I’ve liked Phoenix since I heard them on the “Lost in Translation” soundtrack. If their two latest albums had been on vinyl in my collection I would have played thought them by now, literally.

  2. woodjean

    Wow! I really like Ghetto Blasters. ‘Guess I’m gonna have to go to town to buy some music. 🙂

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