Noteworthy blog: Roots Note Music

As part of the “blogosphere” I guess I have an obligation to explore a bit and see what other bloggers are up to. With Charles Thibodeaux and Mardi Gras on my mind, I searched the term Cajun and came up with a killer blog about roots music, including Zydeco, blues, etc., called Root Note Music. There was also a post about jazz bassist Esperanza Spalding, who used to be lead singer for Noise for Pretend, an indie pop band I really like. That definitely got my attention. I’m super eclectic, gotta have my indie rock and underground experimental dark ambient/noise and various other strange music, but roots music is definitely very important to me – song collector Alan Lomax is one of my biggest heroes. I’m going to keep a close eye on this blog and you should do the same.



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2 responses to “Noteworthy blog: Roots Note Music

  1. rootnotemusic

    Nice! Much appreciated! If you read my Haiti post, I mention Alan Lomax… He spent some time in Haiti in the 1930:
    Here’s my post on Haitian roots music…

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