Capital it fails us now…

Funny how events can change your perspective on things. I was just listening to Gang of Four on the way home and “Capital (It Fails Us Now)” came on. I always took that and a lot of Gang of Four’s other songs with a grain of salt. I figured, oh brother, lefty propaganda, but I put up with it cuz the music was so good. And I hear the words coming out of my speakers “The moment I was born I opened my eyes, I reached out for my credit card…” “No credit, no goods. Call my bank, I said. They say we’re bankrupt. Capital it fails us now. Comrades let us seize the time…” “One day we’ll all be living on credit…” and was kind of taken aback. I thought, that could’ve been written today. After what’s happened to the banks and Wall Street, people going bankrupt and losing their homes, what can you say? Kinda looks like they had a point, lefties or not. (Not that the comrades would’ve done any better if they had seized the day while there were still enough of them around to pull it off.)

And btw, I’ve looked up the lyrics online and the versions I saw are different from what I heard, but they’re wrong and I’m right.


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