Lee Fields – soul singer you don’t want to miss

Soul singer Lee Fields isn’t new on the scene by any means. He’s been in the business for many years, but you still might not have heard of him. If not, you don’t know what you’re missing. His album, My World, was my pick for best album of 2009 when I bought it last summer. It still comes out slightly ahead of my other top album of 2009, Grizzly Bear’s Veckatamist. It’s perfect. Not a bad song on it. Fields has been compared to James Brown, but his band’s style reminds me a lot more of some of the Philly Soul groups from the ’70s. Groovy, funky, and very smooth.

Thanks to the mp3 and the popularity of iTunes, the music world is becoming much more singles-oriented. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Some of the best musicians in history only made singles. But there is still something really satisfying about a good, solid album filled with one great song after another. My World is one such album. You really need to get this one in your hands. If you don’t believe me, you can stream the songs from his label Truth & Soul Records.

The album can be purchased from Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody and eMusic. Go here for links.



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3 responses to “Lee Fields – soul singer you don’t want to miss

  1. woodjean

    Wow! Great post today. Where is Lee Fields? Does he still perform? I don’t understand why I haven’t heard of him ’cause he’s really good.

  2. What do you think about old music?

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